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From GS1.org: “Just like the internet did years ago, RFID-Technology is set to revolutionise people’s life and work these days. Consumers will benefit from better and safer products and services. GS1 EPCglobal has designed this website for you – to find out more about a fascinating technology.” The Discover RFID site has also been established […]

IN the UK more than 25% of pets already have RFID microchips and in North America only 5% have been to date. The chances of having your pet returned increase greatly when an RFID microchip is present. One such story is about George a Jack Russell terrier and his owner Robert Holloway. Mr Holloway said: […]

An RFID chip implanted in the ears of many dogs allows for easy identification of lost pets once they’ve been found. Also, in cases where there is a stolen pet or disputed ownership, the RFID chip can uniquely identify the animal so it can be returned to it’s rightful owner.