RFID & Food Safety Archive

Two early pilots were facilitated by Supply Chain Network and carried out in 2003 and 2006 with both representing successful demonstrations of the potential supply chain benefits available through ‘Internet of Things’ implementations. Key to both of these pilots were RFID enabled pallets and the first project was the SCN Grocery Pilot which was carried […]

A bold statement perhaps, but one borne out of long standing frustration with the slow if not stagnant forward movement towards implementing more sustainable supply chains. In 1985 I established my first retail store cardboard recycling initiative which not only was good for the environment, but was also a financially lucrative initiative saving the Hudson’s […]

From GS1.org: “Just like the internet did years ago, RFID-Technology is set to revolutionise people’s life and work these days. Consumers will benefit from better and safer products and services. GS1 EPCglobal has designed this website for you – to find out more about a fascinating technology.” The Discover RFID site has also been established […]

One of the first applications for RFID was to track cattle and dairy cows to monitor their weight and milk output etc. In more recent times this will assist in the tracking of meat from cattle to quickly identify the source farm in case of an outbreak of mad cow disease.

Recent incidents of food borne illnesses and poisoning have highlighted the need for an effective system of tracing the source of food contaminants to rapidly locate and stop the sources of these outbreaks and ultimately prevent them. RFID is a very effective technology in assisting with this process. The article “RFID tags can improve food […]