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From Goliath Knowledge on Demand: “Little Tikes has applied its Intelli-Tikes technology to its new MagiCook Kitchen. Low-wave radio frequency technology (RFID) permits MagiCook Kitchen to recognize the items placed on the stove and respond to kids with food-specific voice comments and other realistic sounds. Even if kids mix unusual food combinations, the kitchen will […]

” The toy speaks 150 different phrases and responds when it’s shaken hands, hugged, petted, etc. But it can also get sick. While playing, Naoru-kun starts coughing and sneezing. According to symptoms, kids must use one of the items including “syringe,” “candy” and “medicine.” The doll reads RFID tags embedded in these items and responds […]

How many times have soccer moms and dads been witness to debates of whether the ball crossed the goal line in a close soccer match? Adidas are developing an RFID soccer ball that will precisely identify if a ball has crossed the goal line. “The chip, suspended in the middle of the ball to survive […]

Yet another positive application of RFID technology for travellers is the use of the technology by an increasing number of airports around the world. The RFID technology helps airports to more rapidly and accurately sort and ensure your luggage makes the flight. At the same time, from a security perspective it ensures that luggage loaded […]

The “Breeze card” is the key component in the RFID ticketless system being deployed in Atlanta’s MARTA public transportation system. “The Breeze Card employs passive RFID technology currently in use in Washington D.C, Chicago, Boston (the CharlieCard), Hong Kong (the Octopus Card), Seoul, Singapore, Santiago (the Multivia), and London.” These new cards can be reused […]

There are many scaremongers ranting about RFID and it’s perceived “threat” to our privacy. At least one article has taken a balanced view on this and looked at the facts and more importantly the dollars and cents of persons creating a network to invade individual privacy even at a mall level. The article ” The […]

IN the UK more than 25% of pets already have RFID microchips and in North America only 5% have been to date. The chances of having your pet returned increase greatly when an RFID microchip is present. One such story is about George a Jack Russell terrier and his owner Robert Holloway. Mr Holloway said: […]

How many times have you gone to the library and the system says the book you’re looking for is “in” but it can’t be found anywhere? Well implementation of RFID can help locate books in a number of ways including proximity, smart shelves and carts or just simply by making the restocking process so efficient […]

Hundreds of people die each year due to mix ups with their medication. RFID can now be utilized to ensure that the right medications are given to the correct patients. This methodology can be applied to many types of drugs and even intravenous bottles.

Recently there has been a number of high profile cases of produce contamination. In these cases almost all produce of the type contaminated has been pulled and destroyed resulting in a huge work effort and waste of significant amounts of good produce. Utilizing RFID to uniquely identify every package of produce would allow just the […]