Airships for military logistics heavy lift: A performance assessment for Northern operation applications.

This assessment document from Defence Research and Development Canada which was requested by Canadian Operational Support Command (CANOSCOM) is a scientific analysis by the agency that reinforces our belief in the real need for airships to serve and monitor the Northern Region from a sovereignty perspective.


An airship is a self-propelled lighter-than-air aircraft with directional control surfaces. Unlike an airplane, the lift for an airship is generated aerostatically by the buoyancy of a lifting gas. Airships are being considered by the Canadian Forces (CF) as potential platforms to address deficiencies in logistics transportation to support Northern operations. Airships could provide a cost-effective point-to-point delivery capability and could mitigate several limitations (e.g., infrastructure requirements) associated with other forms of transport.

This paper presents an assessment of the airship capability for logistics heavy lift in support of CF Northern operations. Performance measures were developed to assess the effectiveness and the responsiveness of the airship lift. A Monte Carlo simulation framework was also developed to simulate various logistics lift scenarios. A sensitivity analysis was conducted to address the impact of different operational parameters on the airship lift effectiveness. The study indicates that airships could potentially improve the sustainability of CF Northern operations. Significant potential cost avoidance and response time reduction could be realized on sustainment lift by using airships versus fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Link to full report

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Innovation prizes: And the winner is… Offering a cash prize to encourage innovation is all the rage.

From The Economist: “A CURIOUS cabal gathered recently in a converted warehouse in San Francisco for a private conference. Among them were some of the world’s leading experts in fields ranging from astrophysics and nanotechnology to health and energy. Also attending were entrepreneurs and captains of industry, including Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, and Ratan Tata, the head of India’s Tata Group. They were brought together to dream up more challenges for the X Prize Foundation, a charitable group which rewards innovation with cash. On July 29th a new challenge was announced: a $1.4m prize for anyone who can come up with a faster way to clean oil spills from the ocean.” Innovation prizes: And the winner is…


Attend Airships to the Arctic 2009 in Calgary!

Arctic logistics has historically been a case of doing the best we can with what we have. Consistent delivery success has limitations and transportation costs in the Arctic are extremely expensive. Requirement to store large quantities of goods for a whole season also requires larger warehouses and bigger fuel storage tanks. Opportunities for resource development languish due to the costs of access and exploitation. A new generation of cargo airships would have a revolutionary impact on northern transportation and logistics. View the details and agenda for this year’s event Oct. 7th to 9th and register!


Seeking Initial Sponsorship Support

In order to develop the framework and significant support required to drive the Airship Prize forward, we’re interested in hearing from any individuals and/or corporations who share our vision for the development of a viable airship transport industry.

Not only does this represent a positive environmental opportunity, the formation and growth of a transport industry could also represent significant heavy manufacturing growth for countries which recognize and embrace this opportunity. We look forward to hearing from those interested in supporting this initiative, please contact us to discuss your participation further.

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