‘Return of the Zeppelin’ – a Video Essay

A long time has passed since Americans witnessed the flight of a zeppelin; an airship that uses an inner superstructure for support inside of an ‘envelope’. A rare chance exists in Oregon for enthusiasts to actually ride aboard a zeppelin, in fact it is the largest such craft in the entire world.

Most people have seen the Goodyear Blimp and similar airships, but nobody in the United States has seen a zeppelin since a fiery night in 1937 when the German zeppelin ‘The Hindenburg’ exploded in flames in front of a crowd of horrified people.

Recent research has proven that a flammable coating applied to the outside of the Hindenburg caused it to burst into flames; it wasn’t sabotaged and the actual design of the airship had nothing to do with the disaster. ‘Return of the Zeppelin’ – a Video Essay

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