One key goal of the Airship Prize to develop a viable transport airship industry is focused on the potential for the application, renewal and update of the airship transport mode for the safe and effective provision of transportation support and distribution for humanitarian purposes.

Whether reacting to major disasters or providing links to remote or dangerous/disadvantaged communities airship transport shows great potential as a viable solution. Following major disasters requiring humanitarian relief, oftentimes existing transport infrastructure such as roads, bridges and airports are destroyed or damaged rendering them unusable.

Airships do not require the same infrastructure to function effectively and taking advantage of their Vertical Take Off and Landing capabilities they are able to rapidly access and deliver aid to those who need it most in hard hit areas of these disaster zones.

Likewise, there are many communities in both remote and disadvantaged/dangerous parts of the world which are often effectively cut off from cost effective and safe transport modes for their staple requirements. Airships are for these communities also a potential lifeline and key economic link to help them survive and ultimately flourish as we move into the 21st century.

Additionally, there is often the question of whether aid destined for some of these communities in disadvantaged and dangerous areas is intercepted and sold on black markets rather than reaching those originally intended by the relief agencies. Direct deliveries by airships into protected inventory locations could dramatically reduce the exposure of such shipments to the above risks.

Our initial approach is to encourage corporate donors to relief programs to consider focusing their dollars on the development of transport technologies that will make relief agencies more effective and efficient, thereby allowing these agencies to spend more of their donations on procuring core materiels and foodstuffs to meet their true mandate. We would encourage corporate donors to consider specifically directing the use of their donations to these agencies to the development of effective transport airships in support of the Airship Prize.

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