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All countries around the world will ultimately introduce some form of cap and trade or carbon tax with transportation being the largest contributor, therefore it is imperative that alternative transport modes with zero or low emissions are found and commercialized.

Additionally, all involved in humanitarian relief efforts and viable transport access/support to remote communities will agree that current transport modes are unable to effectively meet transport needs in the case of disaster due to damaged infrastructure; and even ongoing resupply of remote areas is at risk given the volatility of fuel prices.

Based on the historical success of airships travelling many thousands of miles in the 20th century, combined with new advances in materials and other flight technologies, makes airships a viable alternative and the Z-Prize is intended to drive the development of this industry forward in support of both humanitarian and environmental purposes.

The Airship Prize will be offered for the successful development and flight race of a Zero (or low) emission transport airship.

First step will be the development of very specific criteria for the significant cash award to the winning team based on rate of emissions, flight speed, transport capacity and cargo transfer capability.

Initial development of the Airship Prize is being co-ordinated by Ron Hochstetler, Barry Prentice and Jeff Ashcroft.

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